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Info Hash:
  1. GB/Pokemon Green Version (Translated).cia4.76 MB
  2. GB/Pokémon Blue Kaizo Version.cia4.06 MB
  3. GB/Pokémon Red Battle Factory.cia4.05 MB
  4. GB/Pokémon Red ++ Version.cia4.05 MB
  5. GB/Pokémon Thief Red.cia4.05 MB
  6. GB/Pokémon Maize Version.cia4.05 MB
  7. GB/Pokémon Nuzlocke Red.cia4.05 MB
  8. GB/Donkey Kong Land.cia3.56 MB
  9. GB/Game Boy Wars Turbo (Translated).cia3.56 MB
  10. GB/Picross 2 (Untranslated).cia3.55 MB
  11. GB/Mole Mania.cia3.55 MB
  12. GB/Donkey Kong Land 2.cia3.55 MB
  13. GB/Donkey Kong.cia3.55 MB
  14. GB/The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening.cia3.55 MB
  15. GB/For the Frog the Bell Tolls (Translated).cia3.55 MB
  16. GB/Kirby's Dream Land 2.cia3.55 MB
  17. GB/Wario Land Super Mario Land 3.cia3.55 MB
  18. GB/Bomberman GB.cia3.30 MB
  19. GB/Jurassic Park.cia3.30 MB
  20. GB/Final Fantasy Adventure.cia3.29 MB
  21. GB/Jurassic Park Part 2 The Chaos Continues.cia3.29 MB
  22. GB/Avenging Spirit.cia3.29 MB
  23. GB/Kirby's Dream Land.cia3.29 MB
  24. GB/Mario's Picross (Untranslated).cia3.29 MB
  25. GB/Metroid II Return of Samus.cia3.29 MB
  26. GB/Batman Forever.cia3.29 MB
  27. GB/Zelda Fantasy Adventure.cia3.29 MB
  28. GB/Star Trek Generations Beyond the Nexus.cia3.18 MB
  29. GB/Fortified Zone.cia3.17 MB
  30. GB/Kid Icarus Of Myths and Monsters.cia3.17 MB
  31. GB/Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly.cia3.17 MB
  32. GB/Krusty's Fun House.cia3.17 MB
  33. GB/Mickey Mouse Magic Wands.cia3.17 MB
  34. GB/Star Trek The Next Generation.cia3.17 MB
  35. GB/Star Trek 25th Anniversary.cia3.17 MB
  36. GB/Sensible Soccer European Champions.cia3.17 MB
  37. GB/The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle II.cia3.17 MB
  38. GB/Who Framed Roger Rabbit.cia3.17 MB
  39. GB/Garfield Labyrinth.cia3.17 MB
  40. GB/Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness!.cia3.17 MB
  41. GB/Batman The Animated Series.cia3.17 MB
  42. GB/Batman Return of the Joker.cia3.17 MB
  43. GB/The Punisher The Ultimate Payback.cia3.17 MB
  44. GB/Batman.cia3.17 MB
  45. GB/The Simpsons Bart & the Beanstalk.cia3.17 MB
  46. GB/The Real Ghostbusters.cia3.17 MB
  47. GB/The Simpsons Bart vs. the Juggernauts.cia3.17 MB
  48. GB/Nemesis.cia3.16 MB
  49. GB/Burai Fighter Deluxe.cia3.11 MB
  50. GB/Super Mario Land.cia3.11 MB
  51. GB/Motocross Maniacs.cia3.08 MB
  52. GB/Dr. Brimley.cia3.07 MB
  53. GBA/Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade.cia32.51 MB
  54. GBA/Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.cia32.50 MB
  55. GBA/Fire Emblem - Requiem.cia32.50 MB
  56. GBA/Fire Emblem - Elibian Nights.cia32.50 MB
  57. GBA/Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Master Version.cia32.50 MB
  58. GBA/Fire Emblem Order of the Crimson Arm.cia32.50 MB
  59. GBA/Pokémon Victory Fire.cia32.50 MB
  60. GBA/Pokémon Sigma Emerald.cia32.50 MB
  61. GBA/Pokémon Flora Sky.cia32.50 MB
  62. GBA/Yggdra Union We'll Never Fight Alone.cia32.50 MB
  63. GBA/Fire Emblem - The Road to Ruin.cia32.50 MB
  64. GBA/Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter.cia32.50 MB
  65. GBA/Pokémon Resolute Version.cia32.50 MB
  66. GBA/Pokémon Emerald Double Edition.cia32.50 MB
  67. GBA/Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.cia32.50 MB
  68. GBA/Pokémon Glazed.cia32.50 MB
  69. GBA/Nicktoons 4 Games on One Game Pak.cia32.49 MB
  70. GBA/Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (EU).cia32.49 MB
  71. GBA/Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.cia32.49 MB
  72. GBA/Pokémon Dark Rising Origins Worlds Collide.cia32.49 MB
  73. GBA/Pokémon Blazed Glazed.cia32.49 MB
  74. GBA/Pokémon Cloud White.cia32.49 MB
  75. GBA/Fire Emblem - The Last Promise.cia32.49 MB
  76. GBA/Pokémon Cloud White 2.cia32.49 MB
  77. GBA/Pokémon Blazing Emerald.cia32.49 MB
  78. GBA/Pokémon Nameless FireRed Project.cia32.49 MB
  79. GBA/Pokémon Cloud White 3.cia32.49 MB
  80. GBA/Pokémon Sky Twilight.cia32.49 MB
  81. GBA/Pokémon Gaia (3.2).cia32.49 MB
  82. GBA/Pokémon Theta Emerald Renev.cia32.49 MB
  83. GBA/Riviera - The Promised Land [GENERALIS].cia32.48 MB
  84. GBA/Mother 3 (Translation).cia32.47 MB
  85. GBA/Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards.cia16.51 MB
  86. GBA/Shonen Jump's Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction.cia16.51 MB
  87. GBA/Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue.cia16.51 MB
  88. GBA/Magical Vacation (Translated).cia16.51 MB
  89. GBA/Mario Golf Advance Tour [SShark].cia16.50 MB
  90. GBA/Pokémon Dark Rising 2.cia16.50 MB
  91. GBA/Mario Tennis Power Tour.cia16.50 MB
  92. GBA/Medal of Honor Infiltrator.cia16.50 MB
  93. GBA/Klonoa Heroes Densetsu no Star Medal (Not Translated).cia16.50 MB
  94. GBA/Oriental Blue Ao no Tengai (Translated).cia16.50 MB
  95. GBA/Dragon Ball GT Transformation.cia16.50 MB
  96. GBA/Ultimate Spider-Man.cia16.50 MB
  97. GBA/Harvest Moon MFMT True Love Edition.cia16.50 MB
  98. GBA/Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.cia16.50 MB
  99. GBA/Fire Emblem.cia16.50 MB
  100. GBA/Fullmetal Alchemist Stray Rondo (Translation).cia16.50 MB
  101. GBA/The Lord of the Rings The Third Age.cia16.50 MB
  102. GBA/Shonen Jump's Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory World Championship Tournament 2005.cia16.50 MB
  103. GBA/F-Zero Climax (Partial Translation).cia16.50 MB
  104. GBA/The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap.cia16.50 MB
  105. GBA/Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (Self Randomizing).cia16.50 MB
  106. GBA/Shining Soul II.cia16.50 MB
  107. GBA/Mario vs. Donkey Kong.cia16.50 MB
  108. GBA/Golden Sun The Lost Age Rebalance 2013.cia16.50 MB
  109. GBA/Golden Sun The Lost Age.cia16.50 MB
  110. GBA/Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure.cia16.50 MB
  111. GBA/Pokemon Fuligin.cia16.50 MB
  112. GBA/F-Zero GP Legend.cia16.50 MB
  113. GBA/Crash Bandicoot Purple Ripto's Rampage.cia16.50 MB
  114. GBA/Mega Man Zero 4 (Restoration Hack).cia16.50 MB
  115. GBA/Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.cia16.50 MB
  116. GBA/Pokémon Expert Emerald.cia16.50 MB
  117. GBA/Pocket Monsters Emerald (Untranslated).cia16.50 MB
  118. GBA/Pokémon Altair.cia16.50 MB
  119. GBA/Pokémon Emerald National Dex Version (386 Patch).cia16.50 MB
  120. GBA/Pokémon Emerald Version (Evo Hack).cia16.50 MB
  121. GBA/Pokémon Emerald Version.cia16.50 MB
  122. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Version (Evo Hack).cia16.50 MB
  123. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Destiny - Reign of Legends (Remake B1).cia16.50 MB
  124. GBA/Pokémon Thief Ruby.cia16.50 MB
  125. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends.cia16.50 MB
  126. GBA/Pokémon Thief Expert Emerald.cia16.50 MB
  127. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers.cia16.50 MB
  128. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Version.cia16.50 MB
  129. GBA/Donkey Kong Country 3 [GENERALIS].cia16.49 MB
  130. GBA/Grand Theft Auto Advance.cia16.49 MB
  131. GBA/The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King.cia16.49 MB
  132. GBA/Sonic Battle.cia16.49 MB
  133. GBA/Pokémon Sirius.cia16.49 MB
  134. GBA/Pokémon Dark Rising Order Destroyed.cia16.49 MB
  135. GBA/Mega Man Zero 3 (Restoration Hack).cia16.49 MB
  136. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Destiny Broken Timeline.cia16.49 MB
  137. GBA/Pokémon Altered Emerald.cia16.49 MB
  138. GBA/Dragon Ball Z - Team Training.cia16.49 MB
  139. GBA/The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers.cia16.49 MB
  140. GBA/Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [GENERALIS].cia16.49 MB
  141. GBA/Hamtaro Ham-Ham Games.cia16.49 MB
  142. GBA/Pocket Monsters Fire Red (Untranslated).cia16.49 MB
  143. GBA/Pocket Monsters Leaf Green (Untranslated).cia16.49 MB
  144. GBA/Pokémon Sapphire Version.cia16.49 MB
  145. GBA/Pokémon Sapphire Version (Evo Hack).cia16.49 MB
  146. GBA/Rockman Zero 3 Omega (Untranslated).cia16.49 MB
  147. GBA/Pokémon Clover.cia16.49 MB
  148. GBA/Pokémon Thief Sapphire.cia16.49 MB
  149. GBA/Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.cia16.49 MB
  150. GBA/Pokémon CrystalDust [SSHARK].cia16.49 MB
  151. GBA/Pokémon FireRed Version (Evo Hack).cia16.49 MB
  152. GBA/Pokémon Cyan.cia16.49 MB
  153. GBA/Pokémon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians.cia16.49 MB
  154. GBA/Pokémon FireRed Remixed 386.cia16.49 MB
  155. GBA/Sonic Advance 3 [GENERALIS].cia16.49 MB
  156. GBA/Kirby and The Amazing Mirror [GENERALIS].cia16.49 MB
  157. GBA/The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap [EU].cia16.49 MB
  158. GBA/Pokémon Shiny Gold Sigma Version.cia16.49 MB
  159. GBA/Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.cia16.49 MB
  160. GBA/Pokémon Ultra Violet Version.cia16.49 MB
  161. GBA/Pokémon Vega Minus.cia16.49 MB
  162. GBA/Pokémon LeafGreen Version (Evo Hack).cia16.49 MB
  163. GBA/Pokémon Kanto Black.cia16.49 MB
  164. GBA/Pokémon Kanlara Adventures (Nov 10th).cia16.49 MB
  165. GBA/Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (Hugh Baldwin Hack).cia16.49 MB
  166. GBA/Pokémon CAWPS.cia16.49 MB
  167. GBA/Pokémon Dark Violet Version.cia16.49 MB
  168. GBA/Pokémon Vega.cia16.49 MB
  169. GBA/Kirby - Nightmare in Dream Land [GENERALIS].cia16.48 MB
  170. GBA/Pokémon Dark Rising.cia16.48 MB
  171. GBA/Sword of Mana [GENERALIS].cia16.48 MB
  172. GBA/Pokemon FireRed [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  173. GBA/Sonic Advance 2 [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  174. GBA/Pokemon AshGray [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  175. GBA/Mega Man Zero 4 [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  176. GBA/Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  177. GBA/Pokemon LeafGreen [GENERALIS].cia16.47 MB
  178. GBA/bit Generations Coloris.cia16.47 MB
  179. GBA/bit Generations Digidrive.cia16.47 MB
  180. GBA/bit Generations Soundvoyager.cia16.47 MB
  181. GBA/Spider-Man Battle for New York.cia16.47 MB
  182. GBA/bit Generations Dotstream.cia16.47 MB
  183. GBA/bit Generations Orbital.cia16.47 MB
  184. GBA/bit Generations Dialhex.cia16.47 MB
  185. GBA/Final Fantasy VI Advance [GENERALIS].cia16.46 MB
  186. GBA/Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising.cia8.51 MB
  187. GBA/Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival.cia8.51 MB
  188. GBA/The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring.cia8.51 MB
  189. GBA/Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu.cia8.51 MB
  190. GBA/Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku II.cia8.51 MB
  191. GBA/Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup.cia8.51 MB
  192. GBA/Ed, Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventures.cia8.51 MB
  193. GBA/Hajime no Ippo The Fighting! (Translated).cia8.51 MB
  194. GBA/Onimusha Tactics.cia8.51 MB
  195. GBA/Magical Vacation (Untranslated).cia8.51 MB
  196. GBA/Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.cia8.51 MB
  197. GBA/Rocket Power Zero Gravity Zone.cia8.51 MB
  198. GBA/Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles Tournament Tactics.cia8.51 MB
  199. GBA/Medabots Rokusho Version.cia8.50 MB
  200. GBA/Golden Sun Rebalance 2012.cia8.50 MB
  201. GBA/Medabots Metabee Version.cia8.50 MB
  202. GBA/Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.cia8.50 MB
  203. GBA/Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles Spirit Detective.cia8.50 MB
  204. GBA/Iridion II.cia8.50 MB
  205. GBA/Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.cia8.50 MB
  206. GBA/Gunstar Super Heroes.cia8.50 MB
  207. GBA/Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul.cia8.50 MB
  208. GBA/Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters.cia8.50 MB
  209. GBA/Sigma Star Saga.cia8.50 MB
  210. GBA/Racing Gears Advance.cia8.50 MB
  211. GBA/Smashing Drive.cia8.50 MB
  212. GBA/Golden Sun.cia8.50 MB
  213. GBA/The Pinball of the Dead.cia8.50 MB
  214. GBA/Monster Jam Maximum Destruction.cia8.50 MB
  215. GBA/Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring.cia8.50 MB
  216. GBA/CIMA The Enemy.cia8.50 MB
  217. GBA/Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald.cia8.50 MB
  218. GBA/Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Rogue Spear.cia8.50 MB
  219. GBA/Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.cia8.50 MB
  220. GBA/Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation (Codebreaker)(Untranslated).cia8.50 MB
  221. GBA/Shining Force Resurrection of the Dark Dragon.cia8.50 MB
  222. GBA/Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury.cia8.50 MB
  223. GBA/Dragon Ball Z The Legacy of Goku.cia8.50 MB
  224. GBA/Driv3r.cia8.50 MB
  225. GBA/Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak.cia8.50 MB
  226. GBA/Disney's Lilo & Stitch.cia8.50 MB
  227. GBA/Turok Evolution.cia8.50 MB
  228. GBA/Zoids Legacy.cia8.50 MB
  229. GBA/Dokapon.cia8.50 MB
  230. GBA/Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance.cia8.50 MB
  231. GBA/Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance.cia8.50 MB
  232. GBA/The Simpsons Road Rage.cia8.50 MB
  233. GBA/Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance (Juste Hack).cia8.50 MB
  234. GBA/The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.cia8.50 MB
  235. GBA/Disney's Tarzan Return to the Jungle.cia8.50 MB
  236. GBA/Crash Nitro Kart.cia8.50 MB
  237. GBA/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.cia8.50 MB
  238. GBA/Pocket Monsters Ruby (Untranslated).cia8.50 MB
  239. GBA/Karnaaj Rally.cia8.50 MB
  240. GBA/Donkey Kong Country [DR] [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  241. GBA/CT Special Forces Bioterror.cia8.49 MB
  242. GBA/Spider-Man.cia8.49 MB
  243. GBA/Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros. 3 (Palette and E-Reader Hack).cia8.49 MB
  244. GBA/Samurai Jack The Amulet of Time.cia8.49 MB
  245. GBA/Pocket Monsters Sapphire (Untranslated).cia8.49 MB
  246. GBA/WarioWare, Inc. Mega Microgame$!.cia8.49 MB
  247. GBA/Donkey Kong Country 2 [DR] [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  248. GBA/Phantasy Star Collection [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  249. GBA/TMNT [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  250. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  251. GBA/Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire.cia8.49 MB
  252. GBA/Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.cia8.49 MB
  253. GBA/Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas The Pumpkin King.cia8.49 MB
  254. GBA/Medabots AX Metabee Version.cia8.49 MB
  255. GBA/Tales of Phantasia.cia8.49 MB
  256. GBA/Medabots AX Rokusho Version.cia8.49 MB
  257. GBA/Drill Dozer.cia8.49 MB
  258. GBA/The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  259. GBA/Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  260. GBA/Metroid Fusion [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  261. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Gregar [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  262. GBA/Sonic Advance [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  263. GBA/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 - Battle Nexus [GENERALIS].cia8.49 MB
  264. GBA/Castlevania Aria of Sorrow.cia8.49 MB
  265. GBA/Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (Ikusatasu's Castle).cia8.49 MB
  266. GBA/Robopon 2 Ring Version.cia8.49 MB
  267. GBA/Robopon 2 Cross Version.cia8.49 MB
  268. GBA/Mega Man Zero 2 (Restoration Hack).cia8.49 MB
  269. GBA/Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.cia8.49 MB
  270. GBA/Mega Man Zero (Restoration Hack).cia8.49 MB
  271. GBA/Pac-Man World.cia8.49 MB
  272. GBA/Crash Bandicoot 2 N-Tranced.cia8.49 MB
  273. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  274. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 2 [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  275. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Colonel [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  276. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue Moon [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  277. GBA/Final Fantasy V Advance.cia8.48 MB
  278. GBA/Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure.cia8.48 MB
  279. GBA/Silent Scope.cia8.48 MB
  280. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 3 - White [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  281. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Blue [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  282. GBA/Wario Land 4 [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  283. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  284. GBA/Metroid - Zero Mission [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  285. GBA/Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Proto Man [GENERALIS].cia8.48 MB
  286. GBA/Castlevania Circle of the Moon (Hugh Baldwin Hack).cia8.48 MB
  287. GBA/Castlevania Circle of the Moon.cia8.48 MB
  288. GBA/Tekken Advance.cia8.48 MB
  289. GBA/Tony Hawk's Underground.cia8.48 MB
  290. GBA/Tony Hawk's Underground 2.cia8.48 MB
  291. GBA/Lufia - The Ruins Of Lore [GENERALIS].cia8.47 MB
  292. GBA/Mega Man Zero 3 [GENERALIS].cia8.47 MB
  293. GBA/Mega Man & Bass [GENERALIS].cia8.47 MB
  294. GBA/Lunar Legend [GENERALIS].cia8.47 MB
  295. GBA/Mega Man Zero [GENERALIS].cia8.47 MB
  296. GBA/Tony Hawk's American Sk8land.cia8.47 MB
  297. GBA/Mega Man Zero 2 [GENERALIS].cia8.46 MB
  298. GBA/Final Fantasy IV Advance [GENERALIS].cia8.46 MB
  299. GBA/Mario Kart Super Circuit.cia4.51 MB
  300. GBA/Advance Wars.cia4.51 MB
  301. GBA/Rocket Power Beach Bandits.cia4.51 MB
  302. GBA/Gremlins Stripe vs Gizmo.cia4.51 MB
  303. GBA/Wing Commander Prophecy.cia4.51 MB
  304. GBA/Monster Truck Madness.cia4.50 MB
  305. GBA/Sea Trader Rise of Taipan.cia4.50 MB
  306. GBA/The Fairly OddParents! Enter the Cleft.cia4.50 MB
  307. GBA/Ed, Edd n Eddy Jawbreakers!.cia4.50 MB
  308. GBA/Hey Arnold! The Movie.cia4.50 MB
  309. GBA/Cartoon Network Block Party.cia4.50 MB
  310. GBA/Rocket Power Dream Scheme.cia4.50 MB
  311. GBA/Pinball Challenge Deluxe.cia4.50 MB
  312. GBA/The Wild Thornberrys Chimp Chase.cia4.50 MB
  313. GBA/The Wild Thornberrys Movie.cia4.50 MB
  314. GBA/Bubble Bobble Old & New.cia4.50 MB
  315. GBA/Iridion 3D.cia4.50 MB
  316. GBA/Yoshi Demo.cia4.50 MB
  317. GBA/Cartoon Network Speedway.cia4.50 MB
  318. GBA/Godzilla Domination!.cia4.50 MB
  319. GBA/Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5.cia4.50 MB
  320. GBA/Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros. 3.cia4.49 MB
  321. GBA/Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshi's Island.cia4.49 MB
  322. GBA/Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros. 3 (Color Hack).cia4.49 MB
  323. GBA/The Fairly OddParents! Clash with the Anti-World.cia4.49 MB
  324. GBA/Super Mario Advance.cia4.49 MB
  325. GBA/Super Mario Advance 3 Yoshi's Island (Colour Restoration).cia4.49 MB
  326. GBA/Nicktoons Racing.cia4.49 MB
  327. GBA/Disney's Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey & Minnie.cia4.49 MB
  328. GBA/Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.cia4.49 MB
  329. GBA/Konami Krazy Racers.cia4.49 MB
  330. GBA/Super Mario Advance 2 Super Mario World.cia4.49 MB
  331. GBA/bit Generations Boundish.cia4.49 MB
  332. GBA/The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' da Rules.cia4.49 MB
  333. GBA/Super Ghouls'n Ghosts.cia4.49 MB
  334. GBA/The Fairly OddParents! Shadow Showdown.cia4.49 MB
  335. GBA/Ninja Five-0.cia4.49 MB
  336. GBA/Pac-Man Collection.cia4.49 MB
  337. GBA/SpongeBob SquarePants SuperSponge.cia4.49 MB
  338. GBA/Disney's Magical Quest Starring Mickey & Minnie.cia4.49 MB
  339. GBA/Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius.cia4.49 MB
  340. GBA/F-Zero Maximum Velocity.cia4.49 MB
  341. GBA/Breath of Fire II [GENERALIS].cia4.48 MB
  342. GBA/Breath of Fire [GENERALIS].cia4.48 MB
  343. GBA/Pac-Man World 2.cia4.48 MB
  344. GBA/NFL Blitz 20-03.cia4.48 MB
  345. GBA/Van Helsing.cia4.47 MB
  346. GBA/.getxfer.2520.441.mega0 bytes
  347. GBC/Pokémon Silver Version.cia9.06 MB
  348. GBC/Pokémon Prism.cia8.17 MB
  349. GBC/Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.cia7.19 MB
  350. GBC/Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.cia7.19 MB
  351. GBC/Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories.cia7.18 MB
  352. GBC/Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's Journey (Ultimate Hack).cia7.18 MB
  353. GBC/Rayman 2 The Great Escape.cia7.18 MB
  354. GBC/Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's Journey (All Monsters Hack).cia7.17 MB
  355. GBC/Pokémon Trading Card Game 2 (Translated).cia7.17 MB
  356. GBC/Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Cobi's Journey.cia7.17 MB
  357. GBC/Grand Theft Auto.cia7.17 MB
  358. GBC/Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Tara's Adventure.cia7.17 MB
  359. GBC/Dragon Warrior III.cia7.17 MB
  360. GBC/Donkey Kong Country.cia7.17 MB
  361. GBC/Shantae.cia7.16 MB
  362. GBC/Wendy Every Witch Way.cia5.47 MB
  363. GBC/The Powerpuff Girls Bad Mojo Jojo.cia5.18 MB
  364. GBC/The Powerpuff Girls Battle Him.cia5.18 MB
  365. GBC/The Powerpuff Girls Paint the Townsville Green.cia5.17 MB
  366. GBC/Looney Tunes Collector Alert!.cia5.17 MB
  367. GBC/Pokémon Silver Version (Evo Hack).cia5.17 MB
  368. GBC/Pokémon Nuzlocke Silver.cia5.17 MB
  369. GBC/Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors.cia5.16 MB
  370. GBC/Pokémon Polished Crystal Faithful.cia5.16 MB
  371. GBC/Pokémon Crystal Clear Version.cia5.16 MB
  372. GBC/Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite!.cia5.16 MB
  373. GBC/Pokémon Crystal Version (Evo Hack).cia5.16 MB
  374. GBC/Pokémon Polished Crystal.cia5.16 MB
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  1049. 1.txt31.78 KB
  1050. ._1.txt4.00 KB