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  1. Disc 1/12-Powerman.flac31.17 MB
  2. Disc 1/05-Lola.flac28.14 MB
  3. Disc 1/11-Apeman.flac26.37 MB
  4. Disc 1/17-Powerman (Mono Mix).flac25.48 MB
  5. Disc 1/18-Apeman (Alternate Version, Stereo).flac24.76 MB
  6. Disc 1/06-Top of the Pops.flac24.56 MB
  7. Disc 1/08-This Time Tomorrow.flac23.85 MB
  8. Disc 1/14-Lola (Mono Single Mix).flac23.67 MB
  9. Disc 1/13-Got to Be Free.flac21.42 MB
  10. Disc 1/02-Strangers.flac20.91 MB
  11. Disc 1/04-Get Back in Line.flac20.65 MB
  12. Disc 1/15-Apeman (UK Mono Single Mix).flac19.16 MB
  13. Disc 1/10-Rats.flac19.04 MB
  14. Disc 1/01-The Contenders.flac18.15 MB
  15. Disc 1/09-A Long Way from Home.flac15.94 MB
  16. Disc 1/16-Rats (Mono Single Mix).flac15.14 MB
  17. Disc 1/03-Denmark Street.flac13.87 MB
  18. Disc 1/07-The Moneygoround.flac11.23 MB
  19. Disc 2/06-Lola (Ray Davies & Band with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra).flac37.08 MB
  20. Disc 2/13-Powerman (2020 Mix).flac31.41 MB
  21. Disc 2/03-Anytime.flac24.81 MB
  22. Disc 2/09-This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix).flac23.54 MB
  23. Disc 2/04-The Good Life.flac23.06 MB
  24. Disc 2/07-Top of the Pops (2020 Mix).flac23.05 MB
  25. Disc 2/05-Get Back in Line (Live Version).flac22.63 MB
  26. Disc 2/02-Strangers (2020 Stereo Mix).flac20.79 MB
  27. Disc 2/12-Apeman (Us Mono Single Mix).flac20.66 MB
  28. Disc 2/11-Rats (2020 Mix).flac20.37 MB
  29. Disc 2/01-The Contenders (Instrumental Demo).flac18.16 MB
  30. Disc 2/10-A Long Way from Home (Live, Austin City Limits, 2006).flac17.11 MB
  31. Disc 2/15-Got to Be Free (Edit, from the Long Distance Piano Player).flac9.28 MB
  32. Disc 2/08-The Moneyground (Alternate Version).flac7.98 MB
  33. Disc 2/14-Marathon (Edit, from the Long Distance Piano Player).flac6.66 MB
  34. cover.jpg81.15 KB
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