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  1. 00.-Eminem - The Slim Shady LP.m3u472 bytes
  2. 01.-Public Service Announcement.flac10.66 MB
  3. 02.-My Name Is.flac91.69 MB
  4. 03.-Guilty Conscience.flac69.18 MB
  5. 04.-Brain Damage.flac79.52 MB
  6. 05.-Paul.flac5.56 MB
  7. 06.-If I Had.flac85.53 MB
  8. 07.-97' Bonnie & Clyde.flac110.67 MB
  9. 08.-Bitch.flac6.54 MB
  10. 09.-Role Model.flac71.57 MB
  11. 10.-Lounge.flac15.77 MB
  12. 11.-My Fault.flac84.10 MB
  13. 12.-Ken Kaniff.flac24.71 MB
  14. 13.-Cum On Everybody.flac79.92 MB
  15. 14.-Rock Bottom.flac73.27 MB
  16. 15.-Just Don't Give A Fuck.flac95.73 MB
  17. 16.-Soap.flac12.05 MB
  18. 17.-As The World Turns.flac94.28 MB
  19. 18.-I'm Shady.flac78.84 MB
  20. 19.-Bad Meets Evil.flac90.52 MB
  21. 20.-Still Don't Give A Fuck.flac90.29 MB
  22. DR14.txt1.89 KB
  23. folder.jpg327.75 KB
  24. lineage.txt563 bytes